Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tomato soup

I am posting this recipe exclusively for my cousin Krishna Prasad.
Normally in Maharashtrian households we prepare a variant of Tomato soup "Tomato saar" which is quite simple without any thickeners like cornflour.This saar goes well with pulavs and khichdis.
But here I am giving a recipe which is like the soups they serve in restaurants.As any other recipe this soup can also be prepared in many ways.
Red Tomatoes (big) 4
milk 1 cup
Onion (small) 1
Corn flour 1 tbsp
Butter 1 tbsp
Sugar 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Pepper powder to taste
Grated cheese for garnishing(for kids)
Bread croutons for garnishing
fresh cream 2 tbsps

Cut Tomatoes and onion and little water,pressure cook it with 1 whistle and blend it in a mixer well,filter and remove seeds and skin.

In a kadai,Add butter,and cornflour and stir it well ,add milk and again stir well so that mixture doesn't contain any lumps.when it gets cooked a little ,add the tomato puree , sugar, salt, fresh cream,pepper powder and continuously stir ,check for the soup consistency and switch the gas off.Garnish with grated cheese and bread croutons.Serve Hot.
Tip: Instead of frying bread croutons,can roast 1/2 inch square pieces of bread in microwave oven in microwave mode for 1 or 2 minutes.The colour may not be exactly same as fried ones but can escape with little calories.


raji said...

பத்மா எது செய்தாலும் அதில் லயம் மற்றும் rhythm இருக்கும் !!!congrats to padma-a good musician,good cook above all a good teacher....ok i ll cook it padma........................

E S C A P E!!!!

krish rocks said...

HAI !!!!!!THANKS 4 POSING TOMATO SOUP...MY FAV. IS IT.......HMM பார்க்கும் பொழுதே வாயில் எட்ச உஉருது .... அடித்ய அதிர்ஷ்டசாலி !!!! I WANNA ASK MY MOM TO DO IT....I THINK TODAY THIS IS SPECIAL.....

<<<<<<<<<<< •▬●๋•kŕíکh●๋•▬• >>>>>>>>>>

Kothai said...

You are growing in popularity, Lots of fans i can see. Hey, will the tomato puree hold good against the milk? Therinjidatha?

Padma said...

kothai!milk will not curdle..if it is already boiled and cooled..when i prepared it did not