Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crispy Adai


Publishing recipe after a long time.In this post,I am writing a recipe of "Adai" ,a typical South Indian Breakfast Item.As always each and everyone in south follows a different recipe of Adai.
I got this particular recipe from my paternal grand mother Kalpagam paati.Some modifications to her recipe was done by me after I got some tips from Mrs.Nathan of Ahmedabad.
Now,let me start with the ingredients.
Raw Boiled rice 1 glass(same big one with which we drink water)
Raw Rice 1 glass
Tur Dal 1 cup
Channa Dal 1 cup
Mung Dal 1 cup
Udad Dal 1 cup

Curry leaves handful
Green chillies 10
Dry whole red chillies 10
Garlic 1 full pod
Ginger 3 to 4 inches
Hing 3 or 4 Tbspoons
Salt to taste
Haldi 2 Tbsp

1.Soak Rice and Dals together in water for 3 to 4 hours.
2.Grind the mixture in mixer to a slight coarse consistency.(Batter should not be so smooth).
3.Add Chillies,garlic cloves,Ginger,Curry leaves,hing,haldi while grinding the mixture,so that everything will be mixed well.
4.Add salt and mix it with your hands for the yeast to get in to the batter.
5.Keep it for fermentation for minimum 8 hrs.
6.In south,they prepare adais immediately without fermenting it also.But I prefer fermentation because of the additional taste.
7.Mix the batter well.
8.Make the Tawa a little Non stick(tips are given below)
9.Prepare crispy Adais and serve it with Milagai podi and chutney.

Tips for preparing Crispy dosas/Adais
I prefer Iron Tawa to Non stick because dosas prepared in Iron Tawa have real good taste.
1.Make the tawa non stick by spreading little oil(use a half cut onion or a clean cloth to spread the oil in Tawa)
2.Heat the tawa for 5 minutes.Now your tawa is ready.(This tip is for Iron tawas,not Non stick)
3.Always for the first dosa,don't spread the batter.just pour the batter as you pour it for idlis,and spread it very little so that diameter of dosa should be around just 5 to 6 cms.Add oil quite liberally for first 2 dosas so that tawa gets seasoned.close it with a lid and be patient and take the dosa from tawa.don't panic.
4.If the tawa is hot,the batter will not spread properly,batter will gather into clumps.So always spread the batter into paper dosas with lowest flame.This is the reason for sprinkling water on Tawas.That is to cool down the tawa so that batter can be spread properly.
5.After spreading the batter,increase the flame,add oil,close with a lid for adais/uttappas.
6.For non stick tawas,can use clean cloth to wipe out the tawa in simmer flame.