Monday, April 13, 2009

Choco Tower Slices

This is one of the easiest recipe to prepare during summer that too when relatives and their kids visit our house.Kids just love these slices.(Me too! but restrain myself due to fear of weight gain :-)) .I learnt this Recipe when I attended classes for Icecreams,Cakes,Icing,Puddings etc in Pune from Mrs.Nahar. I have posted detailed photos to avoid confusion,because in some recipes visuals are better than explanation.You have to prepare two mixtures.See the ingredients.
Marie biscuits 28
For Dipping
Boiled and cooled Milk 1/4 cup
Cocoa Powder 1 Tbsp
Sugar 1 Tbsp
For applying
Icing Sugar 1/2 cup
plain butter 1/4 cup
Milk powder 1/4 cup
Cocoa powder 1 Tbsp
Normally I use measuring cups and spoons as shown below in Cakes,Icecreams and puddings because they have markings(1 cup,1/2 cup etc) on them specifying their size and thus confusion is minimised.(These are easily available in markets.)

First prepare mixture for dipping in a separate bowl by adding milk,cocoa powder and sugar and mix it well.

Next prepare the mixture for applying in a separate medium sized bowl by mixing Icing sugar(can use powdered sugar also),Butter,Milk powder and cocoa powder.

It takes 5 minutes to mix it well.mix without lumps and form a paste.(I transferred it to a smaller bowl after mixing it.)

Dip the Marie biscuit in the dip mixture as shown below.

Place the dipped Marie biscuit in another small plate, and further dip the marie biscuits one by one and place them one above the other to form a tower.

Can make a tower of 14 biscuits,because given measure of paste can be applied for 2 such towers(14 biscuits each).
In the photo shown below the tower contains 10 biscuits.
Now apply the paste liberally over the biscuit tower to completely cover it with a spatula or use your fingers if you feel convenient.Ignore the mess now,can clean up afterwards.

Use a flat spoon to flatten the surface by moving from bottom to top of the tower and make the surface even.
If possible use a kitchen comb to give it a serrated look.

Freeze it for 1 hour.
After 1 hour,take it and place the knife on top of the tower and cut it vertically.

Cut biscuit tower vertically into slices with atleast 1/2 to 1 cm width each.

Cut the whole tower into slices and serve to the kids.Slices will vanish in a trice. :-)


Prasanna's Pen Speaks ... said...

let me try and post my comments...

Anonymous said...

Padma Vahini,

This is an amazing recipe!! Now to try and convince someone to make it for me...:-)

Guess hu?

Padma said...
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Padma said...

This anonymous comment is from Australia(checked my sitemeter;-)).so scratching my it mukti? mmm...

Raja said...

Padma..nice visuals for the recipe..Kids will surely enjoy this

Kothai said...

Aha, Padma, What a treat! The pics are beautiful ( konjam over exposure coz of the indoor light settings ). The recipe looks fabulous. Udane try panna vaendiyathu than. Super Po !!

Padma said...

Thank u raja for ur u said kids will luv these slices.u can try this at ur place.if u order suha to prepare the recipes,she may ban u from reading this blog;-))

Padma said...

so atlast ive pleased u with one of my posts :-)).i know that u will prepare this recipe for ur son:-))keep reading my blog!

Padma said...

previous comment is for kothai :)

Suha's Blog said...

Hi padma akka,
All the recipes look tempting. will try them all during the summer break.however my personal favorites are the choco tower slices and the paneer corn masala.

RAMKI said...

padma dont force me to see succh blogs. i will b tempter and break my diet ristrictions given by raja appa

Kothai said...

Padma, How did you get the consistency of the 'applying mixture'. Mine was too crumbly so i added a little milk then it went watery ;)

Padma said...

no dont add milk in applying mixture..icing sugar and butter is enough for making as paste..if it is slippery to apply then apply with ur fingers..if u freeze it it will be in right consistency to cut.."crumbly" means exactly what happened? initially when u start mixing up it looks like coarse mixture..then butter and sugar melts and help it in becoming like a paste, it takes atleast 5 minutes to mix it well without any lumps..