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Spicy Misal

Hi!After a lo....nnnnnng  break,I am posting a recipe.This recipe is the first Maharashtrian junkie I fell in love with.Misal is a super spicy food which can bring tears if it is prepared in typical Kolhapuri style.But since my taste buds are not that cooperative,I prepare it in somewhat mild :-) way.As always, misal can be prepared in n number of ways,for e.g.,'Tarri'(spicy gravy like liquid) is prepared separately and added to all other ingredients.But I follow the recipe of our neighbour Shubhangi which is a superduper hit in our area.Her method is slightly different that 'Tarri' & Matki both are cooked together.Please have a look at the ingredients which is a big list and method before getting confused.:-)
(serves 10 persons)
For Misal Tarri
Unsprouted Matki
Sprouted Matki -500 gms
(Options-Can mix other varieties of sprouted grams like mung,chauli/pachai payiru,thattai payiru along with matki)
(Matki is known as Moath/Moath beans/nara payiru/Turkish gram/mat bean.Botanical name is Vigna aconitifolia).It is a very small brown beans variety which has got a typical flavour after cooking.It has got very high nutritional value.)
For Tamilians-This is not brown Thattai payiru.This looks smaller than that.
Scrapped coconut- One half of coconut(make paste)
Garlic,ginger paste-2 to 3 tsps
Onion Paste-4 medium
Tomato puree-3 big
Red Chilli powder-as per taste
Chopped Onions-4 big
Chopped Tomatoes-3 big

Kanda Lasun masala powder(Masala powder with dried Onion Garlic which is used in many Maharashtrian recipes and is readily available in shops which sells Maharashtrian culinary items)-4 Tbsps

Kala/Ghoda masala powder ( A typical and must have Maharashtrian masala powder in all house holds of Maharashtra.It is also available in shops)-1 Tbsp
Haldi/Turmeric-a pinch
Salt to taste
Refined Oil- 5 to 6 Tbsps ( forget calories;-))

For Pohe
Pohe/Poha/Aval/Flattened Rice -300gms
Oil - 2 Tbsps
Mustard - 1 spoon
Chopped Green Chillies - of 3 chillies
Chopped Onions-1 big
Curry leaves -little
Turmeric-1 sp
Fried Groundnuts/Singdana/Shengdane/nilakadalai- 1/2 cup
Cooked Pohe
Salt to taste.
For Potato Bhaji
Boiled Potatoes-400gms
Oil- 2 Tbsps
Mustard- 1 spoon
Hing/Asafoetida- a pinch
Ginger paste-1 inch ginger
Green chilli paste-2/3 chillies
Salt to taste.
To serve
Bread slices/Pav-as reqd.
Coriander(for garnishing)
Sev Farsaan/Shev - 500 gms
 Lemon(cut) -6 to 7


Wash Pohe and immediately drain in a colander.Apply salt to pohe.
In oil, fry groundnuts and keep aside.
In Oil,add mustard,chopped green chillies,chopped onions,curry leaves,Haldi,fried groundnuts and Pohe.Mix well.Keep a plate to cover the pan and add little water on the plate.Cook pohe for 5 mins and keep it aside.Please note that preparation of 'Phodniche pohe' is little bit different from that of Misal Pohe.

Potato Bhaji
Potato Bhaji
Cut the boiled potatoes into pieces.Apply turmeric,salt,ginger paste,green chilli paste to potatoes and mix them well.
In oil,add mustard, curry leaves,and cut potato mixture to the kadai and mix well.Cook for 5 minutes and keep it aside.

Misal Tarri

In a Pressure cooker,add oil,onion paste,chopped onion,fry till golden brown,now add tomato puree,chopped tomatoes,coconut paste,saute them well,add haldi,red chilli powder ,ghoda masala, kanda lasun masala powder,salt,sprouted matki and add  water  liberally so that enough Tarri is prepared out of it.Pressure cook upto a whistle and switch off the flame.Correct consistency-Red Oil should float on the Tarri.

While serving, In a bowl add 2 spoons of  potato bhaji, add  2 spoons of pohe over it(can vary these quantities according to taste),pour the Misal Tarri mixture on it.Add Sev Farsaan and coriander leaves.Place cut lemon piece along with it.Mouth watering Misal is ready.
Mouthwatering Misal

Serve along with Bread slices/ Pav .
Option- Can add curd along with this Misal to make it as Dahi Misal.This will help to reduce the spicy effect.
This dish is more suitable when we have more guests and want to serve wholesome and tasty single dish.

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