Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ravyache Ladu

Hi! In this post I am publishing a mouth watering recipe of Ravyache ladu or Rava ladu in Maharashtrian style.
Rava ladu prepared in Maharashtra  is different from the ones which are prepared in Tamilnadu . In Tamil nadu it is known as 'Ravai Urundai '. This recipe will help you to prepare  a delicious and yummy ladu. What are you waiting for? Rush for your pen and paper and note down this recipe  and  give yourself a treat of this delicacy , but don't forget to burn the calories.:-))


FineWhite Rava/Sooji/Semolina/Baarik Rava 4 cups

Sugar 3 1/2cup

Coconut 1

Ghee 1 1/2 cup

Water 1 1/2 cup

Roasted cashewnuts,Almonds pieces

Raisins/dried grapes

Saffron/keshar/kumkumapoo a little

Elaichi/Cardomom/Elakkai powder a little


For this ladu, Rava should be of very fine quality not the coarse one which we use for Upma. In south ,if you find it difficult to get a finer quality,then may have to dry grind rava for a minute  in a mixer to get the fineness. In maharashtra,it is known as Baarik rava.

Mix Sugar and water in a vessel and stir it well and keep it aside for the sugar to dissolve well.

Roast Rava in Sim flame and after some time add ghee and further roast well till golden. Rava ladu's secret of success lies in roasting. Always keep in mind that while roasting , flame should be minimum,so that heat spreads slowly and evenly.If the flame is high,golden colour appears fast but all the particles would not get the required heat and result is uneven roasting. Actually it is a patience testing procedure while preparing large quantities but can't help it. If at all you lose patience at one fine time and maximise the flame, then remember to continuously stir otherwise you will get burnt rava.:-)

After roasting rava more than halfway,add scrapped coconut and roast it well till the mixture becomes golden. Since coconut is added take additional efforts in roasting it well because unroasted coconut particles will spoil the ladu soon.Once the mixture is roasted well, put off the flame.

Now boil the sugar and water to make the sugar syrup.Consistency of sugar syrup is single string.Check for the single string between thumb and forefinger and once single string is formed switch off the flame.If syrup is boiled for more time then ladu will dry up quicly.Add cardomom powder,saffron,raisins,dry fruits to the sugar syrup and add this syrup to the roasted rava,coconut mixture and mix it thoroughly.
Making  ladus from this mixture is not possible immediately.Have to wait for 1 1/2 hrs to 2 hrs or till you are able to get the shape of ladus properly.(sometimes more than 5 hours if sugar syrup has not reached its proper consistency ) .But stir the mixture in frequent intervals well. This particular property of Rava ladu  impressed me a lot because I didn't have to struggle with hot mixture and burn my palms:-).Here ladus can be prepared with cold mixture.Go Ahead and treat your folks with this ladu!

Bye!CU with some other interesting recipe!


Raja said...

Padma..looks yummy!

I have requested Suha to read and try it on me!!

Padma said...

Thank u!Raja! but this recipe has lots of calories:-)))

Anonymous said...

This worked very well and is very tasty.
The measurements are accurate and the ladu is not too sweet.
Thank You!!